A Toronto based IT and marketing firm with a focus on your brand and business growth.

Branding & Marketing

About Tolonto

As a full-service provider of business solutions, Tolonto Corporation design & develop innovative solutions that enable clients to reduce operating costs, increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

The name "Tolonto" was derived from the city name, Toronto. The "l" in the name is intended to depict the Toronto CN Tower which is the world's tallest standalone building.

Design and Development Team

Our Team offers IT solutions that range from customized web sites to mobile application development. We offer IT consulting and outsourcing services to clients in both United States and Canada.

The alliance between Tolonto and our clients is the combination of technologies, creativity, and marketing. It brings to our business clients and their customers bright opportunities, sound strategy and explosive growth.


Mobile Apps

Tolonto builds innovative business solutions for iOS and Android. We offers customized mobile solutions for varies industries such as hospitality industry and logistics industry.

Web Design

Tolonto offers full web design, redesign or refining of you company web site. We are not only design web site to reflect the image of your company, but also to maximize your customer base.


Tolonto can provide insights on infrastructure and architecture that will allow your information network to grow along with your business without busting your IT budget.


The marketing service that we offer as a company is to offer strategic marketing and branding services.

Technical Solutions

Whether you seek a consultant to determine the best IT solutions for your business, or whether you require highly skilled professionals to help you implement, upgrade, integrate, customize, or maintain IT systems and applications throughout your organization, Tolonto offer you a complete set of service to help you and your business.

We are not only design the business tool for your business, but also to maximize your customer base.

Technical Solutions
Marketing Solutions

Marketing Solutions

We provide turnkey solutions for lead acquisition and retention campaigns, customer segmentation strategic plans and direct marketing programs. You will gather and analyze data, then provide high level recommendations on take to market strategies and plans to grow revenue and customer engagement.

We at Tolonto believe that consulting is intended to build a partnership of mutual trust and success, where the strengths of each company are leveraged to produce something that makes a real, positive impact on our clients.

Join Our Team

For a IT and marketing firm, human resource is the most important asset, and we at Tolonto have been continuously providing opportunities for our employees to update their skills with the latest technologies.

The first rule at Tolonto is that we do whatever it takes to meet our project deadlines. However, we believe that the performance and motivation levels of the employees are based on the quality of life, not only at work but at home as well. Therefore, Tolonto has its share of different activities and general fun and games for our employees and their families. We do our best to assist our employees towards the twin goals of personal and organizational growth.

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